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Major in Plant Biosciences


  • Major in Plant Biosciences
    • Educational goals include supplementing traditional sciences like genetics, plant breeding, and agronomics for the study of food crops and functional crops, with new sciences like bio-technology environment-friendly agricultural production, and functional agronomics. The department is committed to developing human resources for future-oriented bio-industries, sublimating traditional agriculture to a high tech, value-added, advanced, advanced culture bio-industry.
    • for Plant Industry
      Application of sustainable eco-friendly advanced agriculture system on site Research on high-functional plant production by combining cutting-edge technologies including advanced breeding and bioengineering tech Teaching all background knowledge and experties related above for students
    • for Biotechnology and Life Science
      Screeing, identification, and functional analysis of potent crop genes to exploit for molecular breding and generating transgentic plants Updon this approach producing high-quality of new varieties of crops and novel compounds
    • for Nurturing Young Professionals
      Nurturing young professionals qualified with cutting-edge AgriTechnology scheme Establsihing venture by enhancing practical program, on-site training system Government-funded scheme for improving educational program for global agriculture

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    Office Name Major
    Crop Production

    Lee, Sang-Chul

    - Development and utilization of organic crop protection techniques

    - Development of functional crop production through agricultural by-product recycling and eco-friendly farm materials

    - Reduction of pesticidal effect and mechanism of action using pyroligneous acids

    - High-quality crop production technology development and their effects

    Plant Resources Development Lab.

    Shin, Dong-Hyun

    - Development and utilization of new plant genetic resources

    - Identification and utilization of genes related plant allelopathy

    - Mechanism and utilization of plant allelopathy

    - Development of functional foods from plant waste

    Crop Physiology Lab.

    Lee, In-Jung

    - Roles of plant hormones in plant growth and development

    - Plant-Microbe interaction

    - Alleviating environmental stress

    - Crop growth regulation

    Sexual Plant Reproduction Lab.

    Park, Soon-Ki

    - Molecular cloning and characterization of genes involving in pollen development/male fertility of Arabidopsis and rice

    - Agricultural application through molecular breeding approaches using useful genes involving sexual plant reproduction

    - Assessment of agricultural environmental risk for genetically modified (GM) crops

    - Development of tolerant rice plants to high-temperature stress based on transcriptome

    Plant Molecular Genetics Lab.

    Song, Jong Tae

    - Biological mechanism for the coiled or twining stems in plants

    - Salt-tolerance mechanism in soybean and its application

    - Genetic and molecular studies of saponin biosynthesis in soybean and their application

    - Genetic and molecular studies of flower pigmentation in soybean

    Plant Molecular Breeding Lab.

    Kim, Kyung-Min

    - Analysis of genetic resources to rice seed and management stability operations in GM crop

    - QTL analysis of abiotic and biotic stress in rice

    - Development of efficiency improvement to tissue culture and transformation

    - Identification and characterization of cell ageing related gene in rice

    Plant Functional Genomics Lab.

    Yun, Byung-Wook

    - Investigating plant disease resistance mechanism

    - Studying nitrosative stress-mediated plant immune mechanism

    - Molecular biological approach for rice functional genomics

    - Comparative plant functional genomics(Arabidopsis, Rice, Trees, etc)

    Plant Genetics and Breeding Lab.

    Lee, Jeong-Dong

    - Development of soybean varieties for application in various industry

    - Breeding soybeans resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses

    - Improving genetic potential of soybean through the use of NGS data

    - Collection of legume germplasm and evaluation for variety improvement

    Crop Science Lab.

    Kim, Yoon-ha

    - - Investigation of Various Interactions between Silicon and Crops

    - Investigation of Abiotic Stress Resistance of Crops

    - Investigation of Root System Architecture of Crops

    - Study of Phenomics in Crops