Industrious Number Theory 4

February 16 -- 18, 2012

Seminar Room 313-2
College of Natural Sciences
Kyungpook National University

Organized by
MOON, Hyunsuk (Kyungpook National University)
TAGUCHI, Yuichiro (Kyushu University)

Supported by
National Research Foundation of Korea
Kyushu University Global COE Program
Education-and-Research Hub for Mathematics-for-Industry

Speakers (Photo):
AKATSUKA, Hirotaka (Kyushu Univ)
AOKI, Miho (Shimane Univ.)
CHANG, Seunghwan (Ewha Womans Univ.)
CHOI, Dohoon (Korea Aerospace Univ.)
CHOI, SoYoung (Dongguk Univ.)
HATTORI, Shin (Kyushu Univ.)
JUN, Byungheup (KIAS)
LEE, Jungyun (KIAS)
OHARA, Mariko (Tohoku Univ.)
OZEKI, Yoshiyasu (Kyushu Univ.)
YHEE, Donggeon (Seoul National Univ.)

Program (pdf)

Titles and Abstracts

Local Information

Industrious Number Theory 1, March 11 -- 13, 2009, Seoul

Industrious Number Theory 2, December 4 -- 5, 2009, Fukuoka

Industrious Number Theory 3, November 10 -- 13, 2010, Seoul

The purpose of this workshop
is to promote the activity of and interaction between young number theorists,
both of Japan and Korea, in the area of Arithmetic Geometry,
which is expected to be useful for Industry.