The di Luccio lab

Epigenetic at atomic details


    The diLuccio lab has an avid interest in understanding chromatin dynamics at atomic details and the dramatic changes seen in diseases, especially cancers.

   Research in the diLuccio lab is translational from basic science to drug development focused on histone modifiers in human and studies also the epigenetic memory on histones in yeast gametogenesis applied to human pathologies.

   Our research is multi-faceted, at the interface between biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, pharmacology, structural biology (X-ray crystallography) and computational biology. Our work is multi- disciplinary and includes many processes of the early-stage drug development

Chromatin dynamics, epigenetic memory and diseases

Our laboratory studies the structure, functions and regulatory pathways of histone modifiers. 

Our research aims at deciphering the histone code.


Our goal is to understand the link between histone code and diseases, especially cancers.

Last update 30 Aug. 2019