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현영희/참여대학원생/(신어의 정착 양상 연구) 조회수 : 976, 2016-12-27 17:23:20
현영희(2016), '신어의 정착 양상 연구', 언어과학연구 78, 언어과학회, 381-400.

1. 서론 2. 사용 양상에 따른 유형 분류 3. 유형별 통계 및 특성 분석 4. 결론

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The purpose of this paper is to show characteristics of new words by type and facts of having effect on stabilization. First, this paper used corpus based on web, which is extracted by Naver news articles. Through this Web Crawling corpus, new words collected by the National Institute of the Korean Language in 2005 and 2006 are classified as ‘increasing type, decreasing type, wave type, temporary type’ and divided as stability new words and unstability new words by total frequency, number of articles and yearly distribution. As a result, stabile new words prefer decreasing type and wave type, and more than sixty percent of unstabile new words prefer temporary type. However, it is difficult to decide whether it is stabile or not just by classification type of new words. Through a quantitative analysis of the yearly distribution, especially continuative emergency gap of new words, we can predict stability or unstability of new words more accurately.
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